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Bey Tolentino


About the Author


Bey Tolentino is a degree holder of Bachelor of Hotel Restaurant Institution Management major in Travel and Tourism, but her innate interest when it came to art has always sparked her attention.


In 2013, she took her internship in New York, which gave way for her to experience the city that never sleeps. Evidently, this has awakened Bey’s imagination to start writing.

When she got back in her country(Philippines), she found her old notebook at home that contained some scribbles and random thoughts that she never knew she’d be able to use as reference for her first published book, one day.


Going against the flow from her sisters who are both in the medical field, Bey exhibits spontaneity with the things she does.


A frustrated painter. A random musician. A born wanderer. A writer whenever ideas compromise with her hands, which happens to be half of the time.

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