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Callum Wallace

‚ÄčCallum Wallace was born in Bristol, England, where he still resides today.

After serving with the British Army (in the Royal Engineers, probably the best corps in the Army), and numerous other jobs including, but not limited to; pharmaceutical dispenser, general builder, painter and decorator, and retail assistant (which turned out to be one of the hardest, for various reasons relating to mind-numbness), he decided to enrol at Bristol University, where he studied philosophy.

Since beginning his studies, and after being in contact with the interesting people studying alongside him, he decided to act out a childhood fancy; writing a full length, story (and actually finishing it this time).

His first finished piece, 'The Walker', was inspired by a drawing, scribbled one sunny day when the uncharacteristically baking sun was beating down, glaring from the foliage and burning his head (he has since bought himself a hat).

He hopes that, should his first novel be successful (and probably even if it isn't), he will go on to write more.