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Dennis Luke

My life skills were learned, not taught. We all have our own way of digesting what we see and do in our lives. 

Driving and working in many other occupations over my lifetime, and doing what I’ve been doing for so long, has taught me that you learn a lot about yourself, as well as others. Your life skills become your friend, and you pick them up not even realising you have it for later use. I had to learn about the weather so I could be in control of my work commitments, especially over the last twenty years. Some of my friends might tell you I have an obsession with the weather.

Unfortunately, within a couple of weeks after getting out of my gardening business, our house was destroyed by fire, at 5am on a windy Sunday morning, gone in just seven minutes. The windy weather played a big part in the quick acting fire destroying our house in seven minutes.  

But driving around most of the country has also taught me a lot about being resilient, when the weather has been, how you say, horrible. Heavy rain, fog, wind, snow, narrow bridges, farms, city traffic and the list goes on. Not to mention dealing with all kinds of people and animals. Worst of all is the long journey Cyclone Yasi took from Mission Beach in North Queensland, until it left Victoria a few days later. This is how I came up with this fictional story, and it is based on actual events over my trucking life.

I hope you enjoyed the ride.

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