J.B. Joseph




Hi, I’m an author hailing from beautiful Queensland Australia.  I am a mother of two beautiful girls and have been blessed with a grandson.  My family is important to me so I am often driving the 4000km round trip just for a visit.  Having a supportive partner and children is something I feel blessed with.

My love of books started as a child reading in hospital.  My dad used to read me Brer Rabbit books which were my favourite as a little girl.

As I grew up, so did my love of books, reading anywhere and everywhere – during breakfast, on the bus-ride to school, during my breaks, anywhere. 

I started writing in high school winning some competitions.  However, it wasn’t an avenue I pursued after school.

Nursing occupied much of my time as did my family, and then working selling health systems. 

I’ve travelled outside of Australia, to France, the UK and Pacific Islands. 

I started writing again through encouragement of another author and again I am hooked on the thrill of creating characters that have lives and personalities that people can relate to.   I look forward to the releases of my current works.   

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