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V.W. Jenkins

I have been an educator for most of my adult life. I consider my work as psychotherapist, coach, and academic advisor as always teaching. Whether it’s understanding grammatical issues, how to hit with a top spin, or how to manage the complexities of living in everyday life, helping people develop requisite skills has been the primary focus of my life.  I taught high school English for one year and quickly realized that was just not my calling. Working at residential treatment facilities with adjudicated delinquent and or dependent children, substance abusers, and incarcerated adults has given me unique insights into the realities of this life. Then, I was able to extend to my thirty year career as a professor within higher education. Throw in Army veteran, and I was able to observe and experience how men and women manage life situations in yet another unique life forum.


I have been writing since my junior high school days. My best friend Steve and I had initially planned to go to college to become comedy writers. We were premier class clowns, and at an early age, we were blessed with a strong sense of humanity and mature insight into the challenges of life and how to manage them, all while still having fun. As an undergraduate Lit major, I loved to read and write, but was being called by the human services field. It was my true avocation, my calling, to help others traverse life and develop the skills to learn how to survive and flourish in this crazy world. 


I have written a play, poetry, short stories, an educational survival manual, song lyrics, and children’s stories. I am finally at the point in my life where I choose to share my work and continue to write with the goal of publishing and not just as a cathartic exercise. Like most of my life’s experiences, plus being a child of the fabulous 60’s, my writing tends to include education, team building, the value of diversity, life skills, relationship management, and having lots of fun along the way. Peace