Nicole Sturgill

Nicole Sturgill often feels as if she were born in the wrong century. There isn’t much about modern day living that appeals to her. She prefers growing her own fruits and vegetables, hunting her own meat, hand-washing her dishes and letting her clothes dry on the line.


Living as a housewife in the middle-of-nowhere Kentucky with her loving husband and three children, Nicole’s passion is her writing. She writes to escape the day-to-day. She writes to bring the past to life. She writes to maintain her sanity. She writes most about that time period she feels she’s lived a thousand lives in.


Without the support of her husband, Nicole never would have had enough bravery to share her writing with the world. He pushed her to let others read what she worked so hard on. He never says a negative word when her writing consumes every moment of her day and he comes home to a messy house, rowdy children and a wife buried beneath stacks of paper, dried up ink pens and a glowing laptop.


With her husband’s support and her love of her passion, there will never come a day when Nicole isn’t writing.

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