Wendy Reber

People call me the “Jack of all trades.” My career has primarily been in the eye care industry. I have assisted in lengthy eye surgeries and consulted doctors around the world on specialty contact lens fittings to help people see. I have also slung hash and liquor, saved freezing dogs, held blood donors’ hair while they puked in a bucket, and now I write.


Contemporary and biographical Women’s Fiction and Romantic Thrillers seems to be the genre of my first three debut novels. I love to build the psychological thriller aspect of my work because the avenues take on a life all their own and I follow the jagged routes. This can give me a catch in my breath and a huge smile on my face. That is why I write.


My dogs beckon me for frequent walks, and we smell the roses on our adventures. These pee breaks reset the mind and help me to be a better writer. I live with my beloved husband, John, and our five rescued pets in the secluded hills near the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. We hike and bike and kayak to also reset the mind and absorb nature’s beauty.

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