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Y M Zachery




My name is Y M Zachery. I am a stay at home mother of two I have degrees in Ancient history and Archaeology. I am also an avid reader. I love to read books from other times that combine both this world and the ancient world I love.

It was this love of reading that lead me to create my own novel. I enjoyed creating the lives of each of my characters and as the story line went on the more their personalities grew. I started my writing adventure with the idea to produce one novel. However, since finishing I have hence developed seven more plots two of which are in the works. Highlander at Heart is the first in a series that I am very proud of. Over the years, my family and I have travelled extensively, through Europe and this year America. I have met many interesting and lifelong friends along the way. Our family also hosts exchange students in our home. This has allowed my girls and our family to gain an understanding of different culture, while also gaining new friends.

One of the main reasons I decided to write this novel was to show the world that Australia is a wonderful place and that it does produce great authors as well. I also wanted to show my girls that you can do anything as long as you have determination and drive. I am confident in my writing abilities as I was able to engage a reader, who normally does not have the patience this style of writing. This reader was captivated by my characters and by the end of the story had thoroughly enjoyed the story. My future aspirations are to continue producing novels that reach all types of readers, transporting them to worlds that they can only imagine. I also want to bring the landscapes of Australia to the rest of the world.

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